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Toby Sheppard

Toby Sheppard ~ General Manager & Partner

Toby Sheppard

Toby Sheppard started his career in the restaurant business in 1979 in the dining room of a continental restaurant, "The Old Prague Inn" near Longmont. When given the opportunity to move into the kitchen as a cook, he immediately took the chance. Toby worked there for a total of five years learning from European chefs. He also spent nearly a year at the Wichita Country Club in Kansas as a line and banquet cook while attending Wichita State University.

In 1985 Toby was head banquet cook for the Fort Collins Marriott as part of the opening crew. Two years later in 1987 he moved on to Nico's Catacombs where he was head chef for 20 years and a partner since 1997.

When the Catacombs closed in 2008 after 35 years in business, Toby was unsure what the future held. Much to his surprise an opportunity quickly arose to form a partnership with local business broker Rick Callan and coaching legend Sonny Lubick. After reviewing the plan with many local businessmen, the three decided to proceed with the new restaurant, Sonny Lubick Steakhouse in the location that Sheppard knew best- right here at the former Catacombs restaurant at 115 South College Avenue, downtown.

Toby has a wife of 28 years, Monica, and three children, Tory, Benjamin and Jesse.